Santri of Singa Putih Successful Passed as National Runner Up in MYRES 2020

The Ministry of Religious of the Republic of Indonesia once again held a competition callled Madrasah Young Researcher Super Camp (MYRES) for the third time. On that event, Islamic Boarding School of Singa Putih sent 6 delegates of its best team to complete. Among all of them, only two team managed to qualify and advance as semi-finalists in that competition. The good news came from one of the team advised by Ust. Agung Mulyono (31) who managed to qualify and won the title of MYRES 2020 winner as “runner up”.

The team consists of Muhammad Habib Basyari (17) and Muhammad Fardan Al A’dhom (15) for the research entitled “Cryptocurrency based on the Perspective of Islamic Law”. In that research, they discussed about the law and the legality of using cryptocurrency based on the perspective of Islamic Law.

The research was conducted by interviewing sources from Indonesia and other countries, in which are: Drs. Abdul Halim Said is the expert of Islamic Law in Pondok Pesantren Singa Putih, Dr. Syahrudin, M.Sc.Finn., (Director of ICAST Universitas Darussalam Gontor), Tri Wijayanti Septiarini, M.Sc., (Lecturer in Islamic Economics, University of Darussalam Gontor), Andy Firmansyah (CEO of ESCX Crypto Indonesia), Prof. Ziyaad Muhammad, (International Center of Education Islamic Finance Malaysia), Prof. Dr. Mohd. Masum Billah, (King Abdul Aziz University Saudi Arabia) , and Prof. Abdussalam Ismail, (Onagun HLC Foundation Dubai).

Both won the title after his stunning presentation and convinced the jury of their statement that cryptocurrency hasngreat potential to become the world’s currency. Where the world is currently heading in the direction of digitalization in all its aspects. In that moment, Fardan expressed “All mixed feelings into one, between happy and do not believe we finally achieved second place”.

Meanwhile, Habib said that “All thanks to the prayers and guidance of the teachers and Kyai until we can get to this achievement. Hopefully, it can inspire and increase the spirit of our friends, especially in Singa Putih to be interested in the literacy. So, there is always the next young researcher. Cultivating the habit of research came from the smallest things around us”.

As runners up, both are entitled to get a golden ticket to be accepted in all State Islamic Universities in Indonesia, as well as educational scholarships from the Ministry of Finance that have been arranged in such a way. The prize is a form of motivation for the best winners who have successfully defeated 5,600 proposals of competition participants.

MYRES itself is a competition designed to foster a culture of research among Madrasah students. This includes looking for intellectual potential, while encouraging the achievement of their original, quality, and competitive research results.

The acceptance phase of the proposal and the announcement of the proposal assessment ended on October 14, 2020, the proposal presentation on October 19–22, 2020, and the implementation of research on October 28 — November 20, 2020. Furthermore, the acceptance of the research full paper on November 22, 2020, as well as the presentation of finalists on November 28 and 29, 2020.

The whole series of activities is held online. In response to the winner of Myres 2020, Happy Candra as the State MC of the Presidential Palace expressed his appreciation through video. “At a very young age, 4 years standing has been able to score achievements in national events is a very proud thing. I am sure that the students of Singa Putih in the future will be able to color the world with their achievements on the International event”, he said in the 1-minute video.

In addition, Romo KH. Saifulloh Arif Billah as the Caretaker of Pondok Pesantren Singa Putih gave appreciation in the form of educational scholarships worth IDR 7,500,000.00 to students who managed to win the national competition. “May this victory not make them takabur, always increase gratitude and further duck in wisdom, obedience and avoid all forms of hypocrisy”.(DN)/Dianis Nurwati.